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Video Email For Video Gaming

Next-Gen Video Email Marketing For Next-Gen Gaming

Playable’s optimized video ensures high-quality video engagement for Video Games marketing

Video Email Delivers Results For Video Game Marketers

Video ❤️ Correo electrónico

Agregue fácilmente videos a sus campañas de marketing por correo electrónico.

Video de alta calidad que se reproduce automáticamente en 99% de bandejas de entrada.

La tecnología de correo electrónico de vídeo patentada funciona con cualquier plataforma de correo electrónico.

Aumentar las reproducciones de videos

El video es el contenido más atractivo. El correo electrónico es el canal más confiable.

Empiece a enviar su mejor contenido para usted mejor audiencia.

Maximice el alcance y el ROI de su video marketing.

Optimizar la participación

El video estimula el interés y el deseo más que cualquier otro tipo de contenido.

Los espectadores de correo electrónico de video están mejor calificados para impulsar la actividad posterior al clic.

Obtenga más clics. Vende más cosas.

Email and video are at the core of gaming’s content marketing, driving pre-sales, launch, and post-launch purchasing.

Video email delivers HD quality video engagement, capturing the actual gameplay footage, truly representing the 4k next-gen visual experience.


Use Cases

Video email works across new product releases, newsletters, welcome journeys, abandoned carts, and winback campaigns.

Video email is for all juego de azar, including Sony’s Playstation 5, Microsoft’s Xbox Series X, Nintendo’s Switch, and PC.


Sell More Games

Video email increases the quantity of clicks, but more significantly is the higher quality of clicks achieved with video email.

The benefit of video, over other content, is more information in a shorter timeframe. Allowing for better-informed decisions driving a higher propensity to browse and purchase.

Marketers enjoy the significant impact at the checkout of between a 65% & 175% increase in sales since switching to video email.

HD Video Email IDEAL for Game Trailers

The high-definition graphics of next-generation video games is perfectly displayed by HD Video Email Campaigns for next-gen marketing

All Email Platforms, All Videos, All Email Clients

Video Email That Works With Your Existing Email Platform

Playable is integrated with Mailchimp, Fuerza de ventas and every ESP in between.

Simply copy & paste your video into your email template.

No IT integration required!

Add Video From Any Source To Your Email Marketing

Use videos from YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Brightcove, or 100's of others.

Or upload any video file.

No video production or editing required!

Videos Play In Highest Possible Quality On All Email Clients

 Videos are playable on Apple Mail, Gmail, Outlook, and all others!

Video is optimized for each viewer - based on device and email client - at the moment of open, to ensure the best viewing experience.

Video Email Case Studies For Juegos de vídeo

Ingrese su dirección de correo electrónico para enviar un video de muestra a su bandeja de entrada. Pase el mouse sobre el video para obtener una vista previa de la campaña completa.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart en vídeo HD

La resolución emergente HD y 4k de nuevos videojuegos como Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart requiere marketing de próxima generación como el correo electrónico de video HD de Playable.

Correo electrónico de video en vivo generado por IA de Twitch

Esports Playable creates realtime video content from Twitch live streams every minute. Realtime HD video email campaign content drives live engagement.

Chip biónico A11 en iPhone

Tecnología Apple creates multiple edits from a source video to use in video email campaigns, address customer video fatigue by keeping content fresh & engaging.

Correo electrónico de Assassin's Creed Valhalla Next-Gen

Tecnología The 8K-quality of Ubisofts' Assassin's Creed Valhalla for PS5 & XSX is evident in Playables' HD Video Emails, compared to GIFs 356 colors.

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