Video Email for Salesforce Marketing Cloud powered by Playable

Opportunity for Amicus to enable their clients to embed video within their email campaigns
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Salesforce Video Email powered by Playable

Playable empowers Salesforce Marketing Cloud users too quickly and easily embed video within their email campaigns, using Content Builder, which automatically plays at the moment of opening the email.

Video email by Playable works on all devices, all connections and across all email clients.

The video tutorial opposite walks through the steps of how to embed a short (up to 10 seconds) video clip into your email templates, without leaving your SFMC account.

Playable is available from the Salesforce AppExchange 

Salesforce Video Email campaigns

Check out these video email campaigns sent from Salesforce Marketing Cloud in partnership with Playable. NOTE: We reach 98% of all recipients with Video Email, the tricky 2% are MS Outlook legacy users, if that is you please view the examples on your mobile or send to an alternate email address.

Warner Bros new releases all supported by Video Email

Warner Bros have executed over 200 video email campaigns using SFMC in partnership with Playable, across their Theatrical, Television and Home Entertainment divisions.

From day 1 Warner Bros experienced significant shifts of all the key email metrics by including video within their email activity. These results has lead them to replace static images at the head of all their new release marketing with Playable video clips.

Key data

  • 200 Video emails deployed in the last 12 months
  • Delivering significant shifts in trailer views.
  • All new releases now use Video Email, replacing the old approach of a static image.

Foxtel launches now season shows with Video Email

Foxtel, Australia’s leading Pay TV provider, uses Video Email to launch their new season shows and promote channels to subscribers. The inclusion of video is driving shifts in both audience engagement and response.

Key data

  • Deeper audience engagement
  • Increased views of new season show preview

Red Bull TV Video Email

Red Bull deploys video email campaigns to support both its Sports and Music content.

Across music Playable’s live video stream is used to deliver a continuous stream of live content to viewers of the email, the worlds longest live video email stream of 48 hours, was recently completed for one such event in LA.

Key data

  • Worlds longest live video email stream at 48 hours.
  • Siesmic shifts in both audience engagement and CTR.

DC Entertainment Video Email

Video Email enables DC entertainment to engage their audiences earlier in the communication cycle using footage of their forthcoming releases.

The inclusion of video within the email is delivering significant shifts in the views of DC trailers, which is a proven pre-cursor to increased sales at the box office.

Key data

  • Immediate and deeper audience engagement
  • Double digit shifts in trailer views.

Car of the Year announcement announced their car of the year event using Video Email.

The campaign was devised to position as the leading authority on car reviews and drive traffic to their editorial coverage of their car of the year feature.

Key data

  • Re-affirms as the leading auto publisher
  • Delivered uplifts in engagement and CTR vs 2017 static image email.

NRL Video Email launches the 2019 Telstra Premiership

NRL are deploying video email campaigns to drive fan engagement. Video email is enabling NRL to fully leverage their content bank which is refreshed each week by the season fixture list.

Key data

  • Increased fan engagement
  • Fully leverage their investment in both Video and TVC content

Optus drives audience engagement with Video Email

Optus are deploying video email campaigns to support their streaming platform Stan. Video email is enabling Optus to drive deeper engagement and response from their subscribers.

Key data

  • Increased audience engagement
  • Exceeded targets for trailer views

Salesforce Video Email powered by Playable

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