Get your video content working harder to drive engagement and response across all channels

Request a demo to discover how we are using AI and Machine Learning to deliver data driven video marketing campaigns with high impact and exceptional ROI.

What we’ll cover in the demo

Our live demo is designed to provide insights on how Video Marketing Optimization (VMO) can deliver significant shifts (up to 10x) in audience engagement and ROI. 

  • We’ll illustrate how we are replacing the subjectivity of the video editing process with data science through AI Computer Vision, AI-powered editing and AI Videography.
  • We’ll outline our approach to developing data driven video marketing and confirm the impact this approach can have on your video campaigns.
  • We’ll share customer success stories, from customers including Warner Bros, ESPN and Red Bull to validate the 10x uplift in audience engagement metrics.
  • Finally we’ll demo the VMO platform creating video edits optimized for email, social web and mobile.

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