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Video Email Marketing

With video content set to reach 80% of all the content we consume on-line, video email marketing is a natural next step to deliver video content to consumers early in the communication cycle, in the format they have a significant preference for.

By introducing video at the first point of contact in acquisition, retention, reactivation and sale email programs we delight our subscribers with the type of content they prefer, when looking for answers, entertainment and browsing.

Video Email Marketing is finally a reality

Sending video in email has been on the wish list of email marketers for well over 10 years, and is only now, with the patented innovations developed by Playable, becoming a reality.

Playable enables email marketers to add short video clips to their email marketing campaigns which can be viewed on all email clients, all devices and all types of connection from dial up through to 5G.

The results the early adopters of video email marketing have enjoyed are now widely available through Playable’s Self Service Video Email platform, you can see a selection of recent video email marketing campaigns powered by Playable here.

Benefits of Video Email Marketing

Video email marketing delivers content to consumers via the medium they prefer, video, via the channel they trust, email. The benefits derived from this partnering of video with email include:

  • A pictures worth a 1,000 wordsBuilding on this, a video is worth over 10,000 words, which means the short video clips in video email marketing enable marketers to communicate their offers, deals and stories quickly and succinctly, leading to immediate recipient engagement which translates to higher response and conversion rates.
  • Short attention spanswhen was the last time you read an email from the start to the end, never right? We consume information in super short sound bites, a behaviour ideally suited to video.
  • Mobile loves videoan increasing majority of the content we consume is on our mobile devices, text is ok to read on our mobile devices but Video trumps text every time, with its ability to quickly engage the audience and communicate the marketers message.


What to consider when planning your Video Email Marketing

1. Creating your email video content

Playable enables you to use any type of video content within your email be it a YouTube video, Facebook video or a MP4 sitting on your computer or mobile device. To attain the best quality video for your recipients of your video email marketing you should seek to upload the highest quality source video you have, and if you are shooting video content from scratch try and use a DSLR.

2. How long should your video email be?

As we mentioned earlier we are working in a world where attention spans of consumers are on the decline so we have a very short window of opportunity to grab our recipients attention. Analysis of over 10,000 video email campaigns sent by Playable users it is clear that the most effective video duration for video email marketing is 6-10 seconds, this compares to 6 seconds for Facebook video advertising.

This 6-10 second duration also ensures that the quality of the video email experience is good for all connections, devices and email clients.

3. Call to Action (CTA)

The call to action (CTA) in your video email marketing is equally important as the moving imagery featured within your video content.

Your call to action should be short, immediate and actionable and appear within your video at around the 5 second point, remaining in vision until the end of the video.

Using animated text blocks to feature your call to action across your video is a highly effective approach that has proven effective in A/B split tests.

Communicating the action you wish the viewer to take will also deliver good response, particularly where you are looking for the viewer to click on the video to visit your desired landing page. Clicking on videos in emails is not widely known to be a means of clicking through to a web page so make it absolutely clear what you want your view to do, for example: “Click to see the full range”

4. Auto-play video at the moment of opening the email

All Playable video email marketing uses auto-play the moment the recipient opens the email. This approach follows that which is now the default for all Social Media posts, and is the expected approach by recipients.

5. Looping of video email content

You have the option to play your video email clip once or leave it to loop for as long as the email is open. The looping approach has consistently proven to be more effective than a single slot, indicating that recipients are prone to view your video email marketing more than once each time they open a campaign.

6. No Audio

Your video email marketing should stand a lone without the need for Audio as video email is not universally compatible with audio. Consequently talking head type video content is not effective within video email, even when accompanied with captions of the audio.

Engaging and responsive Video Email Marketing

From analysing of millions of video emails across all types and sizes of businesses we have identified the keys to creating a highly engaging and responsive video email.

Take the guess work out of your video email creation process by following these 7 tips.

Video Email Marketing – the keys to success

  1. Keep the duration of your video email marketing to under 10 seconds
  2. Focus your video email content on a single proposition
  3. Include a clear, concise call to action within the video, preferably as a animated text overlay introduced after circa 5 seconds.
  4. Use the highest quality source video
  5. Feature the video content at the head of your email template at the full width of the template, so for Mailchimp block based templates that would be 600 wide
  6. Feature a repeat of your call to action outside of the video email content, preferably as a button
  7. Add “video” to your subject line to maximise openers

Video Email Marketing that works on all email apps, all devices and all connections

Playable is integrated with all the popular email service providers to make it quick, simple and hassle free to add video to your email.
Playable Partners for sending your Video Email

Add video to your Mailchimp video email marketing

Playable has partnered with Mailchimp to create a simple point and click process which enables Mailchimp users too quickly and easily add video to their block based templates without any HTML skills, to create and send highly engaging video email marketing.

Add video to your Salesforce video email marketing

Playable is featured with the Salesforce AppExchange from where Salesforce users can add the Playable Video Email Marketing App to their account which enables them to add video to their email campaigns directly from within their Salesforce account.

Add video to your Emarsys video email marketing

Playable is a certified Emarsys partner which means Emarsys users can access the Playable Add-On within their account, enabling users to create and send their video email marketing from within their Emarsys account.

Add video to your SendGrid video email marketing

Playable is a certified SendGrid video email marketing partner which means SendGrid users can add a video to their SendGrid templates and send to their subscribers with ease and confidence that the email will reach the inbox every time with Autoplay video.
Playable Partner Email Service Providers

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