How to link your Bronto and Playable accounts

Link your accounts to enable the embedding of Playable video clips into your Bronto messages with ease

How to link your Bronto and Playable Accounts

To enable a smooth and easy transfer of your Video content from Playable to Bronto you will need to link your accounts, this is easy to do by simply adding a Bronto API Token to Playable.

To locate your API Token in Bronto follow the instructions below.

To link you accounts log in to your Bronto account and navigate to “Settings” in the left hand Navigation and select “Platform Settings” and Finally “Data Exchange”.

Here you will need to set up a SOAP API Access Token

Select “Add Access Token“, enter the Client Name, Playable and then select the permissions as Read and Write, and the Token as Active and finally click Save. An API Token will automatically be generated, simply copy this to your clipboard.

Once you have linked your Bronto and Playable Accounts your Bronto Messages will be available within the Playable console.

You may also find our Bronto Video Tutorial useful if you are creating a Video Email using Bronto.

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