How can I embed a video in an email?

Yes you can now embed video in your email campaigns.

Have no doubt Video Email is absolutely possible with many global brands now adopting this new format to entertain, engage and communicate with their audiencs. 

Video in email is not new, it appeared first in early 2009. But while videos have become a significant part of our everyday Internet experience, they aren’t commonplace yet in our inboxes. That’s because video hasn’t typically been easy to integrate into email, but things have developed rapidly over the last couple of years: Apple’s iOs 10, for example, now supports video email and given that around 30% of email is opened on an iPhone, it’s clear video email is headed for the mainstream.

Until recently email marketers have tended to steer away from streaming video content within emails as they couldn’t guarantee an acceptable viewing experience for the majority of their subscribers. The challenges associated with delivering a high quality video experience have reduced significantly over the last couple of years with the advent of HTML 5, this evolution means that video within email can now be viewed by over 95% of recipients, at the moment of opening.

The 5% who cannot be reached with video are Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 for Windows recipients who are viewing the email on desktop. If they choose to view the video email on mobile they will enjoy the full video email experience.

Playable Video Emails are optimised to deliver the highest quality video experience for all recipients, across all devices and connections. Check out our how you can add video to your email campaign guide to discover how simple it is to create a video email campaign and then send with your preferred email provider.

Video email is proving to be highly effective at driving response, most specifically when engaging video content is paired with the tried and tested calls to action, as the video content gains the attention immedialtely on opening, with the call to action then pulling through the response. 

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