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Playable’s video email drives audience and sponsors engagement for Events & Ticketing

Video Email Delivers Results For Event Marketers

Video ❤️ E-Mail

Fügen Sie ganz einfach Videos zu Ihren E-Mail-Marketingkampagnen hinzu.

Hochwertiges Video, das automatisch abgespielt wird 99% Posteingänge.

Die patentierte Video-E-Mail-Technologie funktioniert mit jeder E-Mail-Plattform.

Videoaufrufe erhöhen

Videos sind die interessantesten Inhalte. E-Mail ist der vertrauenswürdigste Kanal.

Senden Sie Ihre beste Inhalte zu deinem bestes Publikum.

Maximieren Sie die Reichweite und den ROI Ihres Videomarketings.

Engagement optimieren

Videos wecken Interesse und Lust mehr als jeder andere Inhaltstyp.

Video-E-Mail-Zuschauer sind besser geeignet, um die Post-Klick-Aktivität steigern.

Holen Sie sich mehr Klicks. Verkaufe mehr Sachen.

The global shift to online events has required a reinvention of Ticketing, Sponsorships, and Audience Communications in a more competitive industry.

Video email is a powerful addition to the event marketer’s toolset. It successfully secures and retains the viewer’s attention leading to positive shifts in responses and post-click engagement.


Use Cases

Video email grows Awareness, increases Ticket Sales, drives Audience Retention, adds value to Sponsor Packages, and Streams Live Video of the event into marketing campaigns.


Involve Your Audience More

Video email increases the quantity of clicks, but more significantly is the higher quality of clicks achieved with video email.

The benefit of video, over other content, is more information in a shorter timeframe. Allowing for better-informed decisions driving a higher propensity to browse, interact, and purchase.

Event marketers see over 65% more pre-event activity (i.e ticket sales and session bookings) since switching to video email.

Red Bull Supercross-Ticketverkauf

Sport When Red Bull Supercross returned to Fairplex in Pomona, video email gave fans a taste of the exciting event to come, driving ticket sales.

All Email Platforms, All Videos, All Email Clients

Video Email That Works With Your Existing Email Platform

Playable is integrated with Mailchimp, Zwangsversteigerung and every ESP in between.

Simply copy & paste your video into your email template.

No IT integration required!

Add Video From Any Source To Your Email Marketing

Use videos from YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Brightcove, or 100's of others.

Or upload any video file.

Keine Videoproduktion oder Bearbeitung erforderlich!

Videos Play In Highest Possible Quality On All Email Clients

 Videos are playable on Apple Mail, Gmail, Outlook, and all others!

Video is optimized for each viewer - based on device and email client - at the moment of open, to ensure the best viewing experience.

Video Email Case Studies For Events & Ticketing

Geben Sie Ihre E-Mail-Adresse ein, um eine Beispielvideo-E-Mail an Ihren Posteingang zu senden. Bewegen Sie den Mauszeiger über das Video, um eine Vorschau der vollständigen Kampagne anzuzeigen.

WFS erneuert Partnerschaft mit LaLiga

Sport LaLiga renewed their global sponsorship with the World Football Summit. An announcement delivered across HD Video Email campaigns.

VMware fördert VMworld Event

Technologie VMworld US & Europe are the biggest events in VMware's' calendar. Video email campaigns help drive the markets excitement & attendance.

NRL-Ursprungsstaat steigert auch den ROI

Sport Fernseher The Australian NRL recoups their ROI, from converting their film archives to digital, by editing the content across multiple video email campaigns.

Asien-Gipfel für saubere Energie

Umfeld ACES utilized videos ability to deliver a lot of information in a short amount of time by including video email in the event marketing strategy.

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